Managed Internet

Dedicated Internet provider


In the case of national cable and phone companies DSL and Cable Internet is merely a “best effort” service. Dedicated Internet Access means that the specified amount of bandwidth sold has been carved out and dedicated for your use. Dedicated internet access is like having your own personal lane on the Information Superhighway as opposed to sharing the same traffic everyone else.


Stronger security for your
data and applications.


Allocate the necessary bandwidth to ensure consistency.


Cost-­efficient usage
for your business.


direct internet access

DIA pricing and availability varies widely based on the physical access medium for which service is being provisioned. Those service providers who have existing fiber network in and around your business locations are typically favored due to their rates, scalability and speed of delivery.

Common delivery methods include fiber, copper, serial and microwave wireless technologies. Service providers understand the value of Ethernet, therefore, it is expected that services be delivered with an Ethernet handoff regardless of access method.

Best Effort Connectivity

A FioS, Coax or DSL Internet connection offers low­ cost internet connectivity which grants access to the Internet via a shared architecture. These plans are “best­ effort” because they’re typically shared data lines amongst many customers in a local geography. you share the same uplink to your Internet Service Providers as your neighbors, and as such, your upstream link fluctuates with the traffic your neighbors push over that same stream.


Better Performance & Efficiencies
Secure network communications­ your data is always separate from other customers’ and the public Internet
Connect key locations locally, nationwide, or internationally
Smarter utilization of your existing bandwidth with network visibility tools
Smarter utilization of your existing bandwidth with network visibility tools
Prioritize applications and traffic according to the level of importance you assign
Network Security Integration
Converge standalone voice, video and data networks onto a single IP network
Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees assign
streamlined network management
Network access for multiple types of end users including remote employees, partners and customers
Simplified billing with one optional flat rate for Class of Service (CoS)
Custom management levels, including full management and options for customer premises equipment (CPE)
Cost­-effective and Flexible
Easily create a full mesh network
Leverage your existing infrastructure without the need for additional equipment expenses
Run VoIP and data applications over the same circuits
Maximize bandwidth utilization at a single flat rate for all locations