wan Solutions

I.e. MPLS IP­VPN, Ethernet Private Line, Virtual Private Line


Your network delivers all of the value your clouds create. Whether you’ve implemented private, public or hybrid cloud architectures to improve flexibility, to realize CAPEX savings, to increase collaboration, and enable mobility, or many other reasons, your WAN is the key to achieving these benefits.

Ensure your network can support all of the initiatives you want to take on with your cloud applications, local applications and voice services. Integrating your WAN and application environment leads to:


Stronger security for your data and applications.


Allocate the necessary bandwidth to ensure consistency.


Cost-­efficient usage for your business.



MPLS IP­VPN service helps you simplify network management and get more bandwidth for the dollar by improving the performance of your applications. Get secure, private networking communications that let you confidently connect with your locations across town or around the globe.

Ethernet Private Line (point­-to­-point)

EPL service is a reliable, more flexible, higher bandwidth alternative to traditional TDM Private Lines. It enables customers to connect their Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) using a lower cost Ethernet interface and it also allows them to use any VLANs or Ethernet control protocol across the service without coordination with service providers.

Ethernet virtual Private Line

EVPL service is a reliable, more flexible, higher bandwidth and cost effective alternative to traditional TDM Private Lines, Frame Relay or ATM Layer 2 VPNs and IP VPNs.


Better Performance & Efficiencies
Secure network communications­ your data is always separate from other customers’ and the public Internet
Connect key locations locally, nationwide, or internationally
Smarter utilization of your existing bandwidth with network visibility tools
Smarter utilization of your existing bandwidth with network visibility tools
Prioritize applications and traffic according to the level of importance you assign
Network Security Integration
Converge standalone voice, video and data networks onto a single IP network
Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees assign
streamlined network management
Network access for multiple types of end users including remote employees, partners and customers
Simplified billing with one optional flat rate for Class of Service (CoS)
Custom management levels, including full management and options for customer premises equipment (CPE)
Cost­-effective and Flexible
Easily create a full mesh network
Leverage your existing infrastructure without the need for additional equipment expenses
Run VoIP and data applications over the same circuits
Maximize bandwidth utilization at a single flat rate for all locations